This blog documents a long-term project I’ve undertaken in order to devote time and effort into something that is not my doctoral work. I may also include other content from time to time, such as reviews and the occasional rant.

For each year, I will review the Oscars’ five Best Actress nominees, plus ten other performances that were or should have been in the conversation (this includes performances incorrectly placed in the Supporting Actress category). I will abide by the Academy’s Reminder List of Eligible Releases when deciding on years of eligibility rather than IMDb. Most of the time, that is. For example, I’m moving Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca back to 1942 where she belongs. And Greta Garbo in Queen Christina will be in 1933, not 1934. I will also include some performances that were not Academy eligible and will add them as I see fit. House rules.